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Prismacolor Premier Watercolour Pencil, 36CT

Prismacolor Premier Watercolour Pencil, 36CT

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Create shimmering, translucent effects with Prismacolor Premier Water-Soluble Colored Pencils.

You’ll be treated to 36 watercolor colored pencils with cores of unparalleled solubility that can be paired with a brush to soak your sketches in glassy surfaces and dreamy textures.

Prismacolor watercolour pencils have high-quality pigments that can be used dry to match the Prismacolor palette. Now you can flawlessly transition between lifelike liquids and precise details.

  • Pair with a brush and the water-soluble cores help you sketch flowing liquids and create shimmering effects
  • Pigments have excellent solubility for smooth laydown
  • Richly saturated, lightfast colours are great for adult coloring books
  • Can be used both wet for effects or dry to match the Prismacolor palette
  • Includes:
    • WC21070 Indigo Blue
    • WC2902 Ultramarine Blue
    • WC2903 True Blue
    • WC2906 Copenhagen Blue
    • WC2908 Dark Green
    • WC2909 Grass Green
    • WC2910 True Green
    • WC2911 Olive Green
    • WC2913 Spring Green
    • WC2914 Cream
    • WC2916 Canary Yellow
    • WC2917 Sunburst Yellow
    • WC2918 Orange
    • WC2919 Non-Photo Blue
    • WC2922 Poppy Red
    • WC2924 Crimson Red
    • WC2926 Carmine Red
    • WC2927 Light Peach
    • WC2928 Blush Pink
    • WC2929 Pink
    • WC2932 Violet
    • WC2933 Violet Blue
    • WC2935 Black
    • WC2938 White
    • WC2944 Terra Cotta
    • WC2945 Sienna Brown
    • WC2946 Dark Brown
    • WC2947 Dark Umber
    • WC2956 Lilac
    • WC2995 Mulberry
    • WC21003 Spanish Orange
    • WC21006 Parrot Green
    • WC21027 Peacock Blue
    • WC21034 Goldenrod
    • WC21063 Cool Grey 50%
    • WC21069 French Grey 20%
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