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Möbius+Ruppert Pencil Sharpener, Magnesium, Triple-Hole

Möbius+Ruppert Pencil Sharpener, Magnesium, Triple-Hole

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Each of the three holes serves a unique sharpening function.

  • Longest hole for general purpose sharpening.
  • Middle hole for shaving wood casing only.
  • Shortest hole for sharpening lead only.

The (M+R) Möbius+Ruppert Magnesium Sharpener works well with instruments up to 8mm in diameter, including many coloured pencils, graphite pencils, watercolor pencils, and pastel crayons.

Each magnesium sharpener comes with specially hardened Möbius+Ruppert (M+R) quality blades that deliver clean, accurate sharpening!

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