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edding 140S Permanent Pen 0.3mm

edding 140S Permanent Pen 0.3mm

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  • Permanent pen for very fine permanent writing on virtually all non-porous plastic surfaces
  • Writing can be corrected using alcohol
  • The metal-framed round nib has a stroke width of 0.3mm
  • The permanent pen ink is waterproof and quick-drying

When writing on smooth surfaces, such as plastic folders, plastic sleeves or OHP films it is essential to make sure everything is clearly visible. Even more, when results have to be permanent. When space is limited or for extremely fine labelling a finest nib is required.

The quick-drying and waterproof ink of the edding 140 S permanent pen makes sure everything stays exactly the way it is was intended to appear. The pen is available in various colours, which each can be applied via the very fine metal-framed round nib on a variety of plastics, glass or other smooth surfaces.

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