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Cretacolor Art/Drawing Pencil (Mega)

Cretacolor Art/Drawing Pencil (Mega)

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The heart of Fine Art! These classic fine art materials guarantee a high quality, lightfast stroke due to their rich pigmentation.

These products are extremely well suited for sketching and drawing as well as for experimental techniques.

Really beautiful effects can be achieved by mixing and smudging various products and excellent results can also be created by using different kinds of paper.

All pencils: diameter of lead 5.5mm; diameter of pencil 10mm

Nero produces a shiny black, smudge-proof stroke. It is oil-based and, therefore, water-resistant. Available in three different grades.

White Chalk is excellent for combining with Charcoal, Sanguine and Sepia, and for lightening color tones.

Sanguine Oil produces a shiny, smudge-proof stroke. Due to its waxy components, it is water-resistant. Available in medium grade.

Sepia Light and Dark lend themselves very well for combining with Pastels and Charcoal. Available in medium grade.

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