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Van Gogh Soft Pastel, 12CT, Assorted Colours

Van Gogh Soft Pastel, 12CT, Assorted Colours

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Thanks to the balance combination of kaolin and pigment, the pastels are less likely to crumble, and the colour transfer remains strikingly high. The slim shape makes them ideally suited for detailed, delicate work as well as for large and expressive use.

What's more, they are free of pigments based on the metals lead, cadmium, cobalt. The pastels are suitable for all grounds that have a sufficient surface structure, such as paper, cardboard, stone, asphalt and wood.

Contents: 12 Van Gogh soft pastels (100,5 - 202,5 - 205,5 - 227,5 - 331,3 - 372,5 - 409,5 - 506,5 - 545,5 - 570,7 - 619,5 - 700,5)

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