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Molotow Refill Extension/Helper

Molotow Refill Extension/Helper

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The idea of the Refill Extension has totally revolutionized the refill technology of markers.

Never again have greasy hands when refilling Molotow markers. Even the mixing of new colour shades becomes childsplay.

Made in Germany.

Choose size A for 100-series markers (e.g. 127HS, 120PP)
Choose size B for 200-series markers and twin markers (e.g. 224EM, 227HS)
Choose size C for 300-series markers (e.g. 327HS, 320PP)
Choose size D for 400-series, 500-series, 600-series, 700-series, 800-series and 900-series markers (e.g. 640PP, 711EM)

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