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Marabu 0.8mm Brilliant Gloss Painter

Marabu 0.8mm Brilliant Gloss Painter

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Multi-purpose paint marker. Glossy, opaque, quick drying. Light-fast and weather-resistant. For smooth and difficult surfaces such as metal, plastic, leather, glass. Also suitable for paper and paste board. Organic-solvent base.

The Marabu Brilliant Painter is available with different tips (art. no.): 

  • (0121 08) Marker with fineliner tip 0.8mm -- writing
  • (0121 31) Marker with multi-purpose tip 1-2mm -- painting and writing
  • (0121 32) Marker with painting tip 2-4mm -- painting
  • (0121 35) Marker with calligraphy tip 1-2.5mm -- artistic writing and decorating
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