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Prismacolor Premier, 12CT, Under the Sea

Prismacolor Premier, 12CT, Under the Sea

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Prismacolor Premier
Thick-Core Coloured Pencils, Tin of 12
Under the Sea

  • Crumble-resistant
  • Thick cores are made of permanent pigments in wax binder that resist fading
  • Perfect for layering, blending and shading
  • Round cedar wood barrel matches lead colour
  • High-quality pigments deliver rich colour saturation
  • Soft, thick cores create a smooth colour lay-down for excellent blending and shading


  • 916 Canary Yellow
  • 909 Grass Green
  • 1097 Moss Green
  • 105 Cobalt Turquoise
  • 992 Light Aqua
  • 1040 Electric Blue
  • 208 Indanthrone Blue
  • 132 Dioxazine Purple Hue
  • 922 Poppy Red
  • 1001 Salmon Pink
  • 1093 Seashell Pink
  • 1002 Yellowed Orange
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