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Pokémon TCG Space Juggler s10P, 150-Card Booster Box (30 Packs of 5)

Pokémon TCG Space Juggler s10P, 150-Card Booster Box (30 Packs of 5)

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Pokémon Trading Card Game (Japanese language)
Space Juggler スペースジャグラー
Sword & Shield era - standard expansion s10P (the English equivalent of this set is part of the Astral Radiance expansion)

Contains 30 packs of 5 cards (150 cards total)

  • New and factory-sealed with shrink wrap
  • Stock in UK
  • No customs delays for shipments to UK and EU due to our dispatch location being in Northern Ireland
Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance (Japanese: タイムゲイザー Time Gazer and スペースジャグラー Space Juggler) is the name given to the tenth main expansion of cards from the Sword & Shield Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Sword & Shield Era in Japan). The expansion continues support of the Pokémon VSTAR mechanic introduced in Brilliant Stars and features Pokémon from the Hisui region that were introduced in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

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