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edding 250 Whiteboard/Flipchart Marker 1.5-3mm

edding 250 Whiteboard/Flipchart Marker 1.5-3mm

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whiteboard/flipchart marker 12/250/360/361/363/365/366
ecoline whiteboard/flipchart marker 28/29
CD/DVD/BD non-permanent marker 8500

edding whiteboard markers hold industrial-quality, vibrant, quick-drying, low-odour, smudge-proof and lightfast non-permanent ink that is dry-wipeable* from virtually all non-porous materials such as enamel, glass, melamine, mirrors, and, of course, whiteboards.

edding whiteboard markers are also suited for use on flipchart pads because the ink will not bleed through the paper.

Selection of colours, nib sizes and finishes for a variety of domesticcommercial and industrial applications.

Nib sizes
1mm: 361; 366; 8500
1.5-3mm: 12; 250; 28; 360
1-5mm: 29; 363
2-7mm: 365

Alcohol base: 122502X36X8500
Key benefits
365huge stroke width for fast covering, scoring, and marking
28; 360bullet tip for consistent line thickness
3618500precision nib
366around the size of a tube of lipstick or mascara
12use with one hand; no worrying about misplacing the cap
2Xmade from 90% recycled material (83% post-consumer); improves carbon footprint
29; 363; 365: chisel tip for alternating between broad for drawing shapes and fine for writing text

Intended surfaces**
Whiteboard: 12; 2502X36X
CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disc: 8500

If you have questions about any of the products in the listing or any other edding product, please contact us and we will advise you on what you need, even if we don't stock it!

* edding 8500 ink is not dry-wipeable but can be removed easily with a slightly-damp cloth.
** the surfaces listed against each model are those the model was designed for. these surfaces are those optimal for that model and it is likely the model will apply to other surfaces, just not optimally
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