Shipping Options and Delivery Policy

Depending on your delivery address you will see one or more shipping options at checkout.

If your desired delivery location is not showing any shipping options, please contact us and we will set that up or tell you if we can't set it up.

If your desired delivery location is listed but you see only express shipping options, it means that we have elected for now not to use regular international business mail to that location for any of a number of reasons, including country-specific customs delays or low reliability of the domestic postal operator.

Title of goods does not pass until delivery. This is a legal provision in place to ensure that we, the seller of the goods, are liable for any loss or damage up to the point of delivery. Effectively this means that when a customer makes an order they do not own the goods until delivery. However we are bound by the law to ensure orders are either delivered, replaced, or refunded.

Typical transit times for regular shipping are below. This excludes peak periods such as December; this also excludes times where extraneous circumctances cause unusual delays.

typical delivery times

Express shipping times in working days are, with day 1 being the first working day after the day of collection:
XI, IE, GB, BE, NL, LU: 1
Rest of EU: 1-2
Europe non-EU: 2
Rest of world: 2-4 (a few very remote destinations 3-5)