Q2 2024 News

New products

During the months of April, May and June 2024, we will be adding the following products to our offering:

Art supplies

  • POSCA markers
  • new Molotow One4All colours in the 127HS, 227HS, twin-tip and 30ml refill lines
  • edding colour pens, brush colour pens, porcelain colour pens
  • edding refill inks


  • Pokémon trading cards
  • Magic: The Gathering trading cards
  • Weiß Schwarz collectable cards
  • Card protection supplies from KMC, Ultra Pro, and Arcane Tinmen (Dragon Shield)

Retired products / clearance

A clearance section will be added to the web shop for slow-moving products we will sell off at cost price or lower.

Rebranding planned

Rebranding has been considered since the beginning of this business venture, as "TXT LTD" is a generic placeholder corporation name with no meaning. We will rebrand the site during Q3 and Q4 of 2024. The initial goal is to merge art supplies (primarily marking instruments like pencils and markers) and collectables (primarily trading/collectable/sports cards, figurines, and sports memorabilia.)

Express-delivery options

Express-delivery options have been added for all shipping locales. Express orders are prioritised over regular orders in the packing process, but this is because our daily collection of mail can happen as early as 11:00; with this prioritisation we can hope to get early-morning express orders shipped on the same day.

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